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HTML Structure

Here is the general HTML structure of the template:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en" dir="<!-- rtl OR ltr compare -->">
        [Page meta, page css, page js files, page title etc...]
    <body class=" <!-- dark or light mode compare -->">
        <!-- Wrapper Start-->
            <!-- loader Start -->
            <div id="loading">
                [LOADER CONTENT]
            <!-- loader END -->
            <!-- Sidebar Start -->
                [SIDEBAR CONTENT]
            <!-- Sidebar END -->
            <!-- Main Content Start -->
            <main class="main-content">
                    <!--Nav Start-->
                        [HEADER CONTENT]
                        [SUB-HEADER CONTENT]
                    <!--Nav End-->
                    [MAIN CONTENT]
                <!-- Footer Start -->
                    [FOOTER CONTENT]
                <!-- Footer END -->
            <!-- Main Content End -->
        <!-- Wrapper End-->
    <!-- Script Start -->
    <!-- Script END -->