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Sweet Alert

For more Information regarding Sweet Alert Plugin refer Documentation

A Basic Message

A short communication sent from one person to another or the central theme or idea of a communication.

Title with a Text

Image title text is an attribute used to provide additional information about the image as well as displayed as a tooltip.

A modal with a title and a footer

Modal-header class is used to define the style for the header of the modal and footer define the style for the footer of the modal.

Custom positioned dialog

It set using the position property by providing custom X and Y coordinates also positioned inside the target.

A confirm dialog

Confirm dialog with a function attached to the "Confirm"-button and specified message, along with an OK and a Cancel button.

Message with a custom image

Custom images do not include the data from any attached block volumes. For information about backing up volumes.

Message with custom

A message with custom width, padding, background and animated Nyan Cat.

ARIA labels

ARIA labels to create accessible element descriptions. ... if a button has both text content and an aria-label.

A dialog with three buttons

There are three functions for adding Buttons to Android Dialog, setPositiveButton(int textId, DialogInterface).

AJAX request example

The ajax() method in jQuery is used to perform an AJAX request or asynchronous HTTP request.