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Prebuild Layouts

Finely crafted pre-made layouts to give your development time boost.


Sidemenu, Main, Clean

Layout 1

Horizontal, Hotel, Clean

Layout 2

Sidemenu, Realestate, Modern

Layout 3

Sidemenu, Fitness, Clean

Layout 4

Sidemenu, Salon, Bold

Layout 5

Horizontal, Payment, Sliding Vertical Bar

Layout 6

Sliding Horizontal, Restaurant

Layout 7

Horizontal, Sidemenu Grid, School

Layout 8

Collapsing Sidemenu, Real Estate

Layout 9

Sidemenu, Ecommerce, Semi Dark

Layout 10

Floating Horizontal, Hotel

Layout 11

Horizontal, Hospital, Modern

Layout 12

Horizontal Tab, Modern

Layout 13

Horizontal Card, Ecommerce

Layout 14

Block Sidemenu, Hospital

Layout 15

Multi Horizontal Menu, Social Media

Layout 16

Quick Horizontal Menu, Property

Comming soon

Layout 17

Block Card Menu, Hospital

Comming soon

Layout 18

Block Vertical split Menu, Restaurant

Comming soon

Layout 19

Horizontal Menu, Task Management

Comming soon

Layout 20

Title Vertical Menu, Fitness

Comming soon

Layout 21

Horiontal Menu, Medical

Comming soon

Layout 22

Horiontal Menu, Business

Comming soon

Layout 23

Hybrid Menu, Sports

Comming soon

Layout 24

Tabbed Menu, Social Media

Comming soon

Layout 25

Vertical Menu, Automobile

Comming soon

Layout 26

Horizontal Menu, Tours & Travel

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App Starters

Get Started with your App instantly

Save your time in creating your apps by using our pre made apps. Build projects instantly and reduce your go to market time.

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Handy Apps


Prebuild App Layouts

Choose from pre-made layouts for your next project


Music streaming app like Spotify


Modern Minimal Bookstore

Storage Drive

File Storage App like Google Drive


CRM Starter App

User Management

Member & user management module


Clean & simple email app

Social Media Reporting

Reports for social media statistics

Server Monitoring

Server uptime monitoring app


Clean & simple chat app


Traditional todo app

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Landing Pages

Create Stunning
Landing Pages

Create beautiful website for your project instantly by using ready to go
landing page templates.

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Create Website With Ease


Landing Pages

Ready to use stunning page templates.

Landing 1

Saas landing page

Landing 2

HR sotware landing page

Landing 3

Sass landing dark version

Landing 4

Agency landing page

Landing 5

Event landing page

Landing 6

IT service landing page

Landing 7

Online courses landing page

Landing 8

Data analytics landing page

Landing 9

Digital studio landing page

Landing 10

Marketing platform landing page

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Online Package Builder

Easiest Package Builder
Ever made

Create your project package with our revolutionary GUI
Online package builder

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Inner Pages

Elegant Premade Inner Pages

Prox comes with several ready to use pages to save your time and effort




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Reusable Elements & Plugins

ProX is bundled with plethora of re-usable elements and plugins. Uncover unlimited possibilities

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Why ProX

More Reasons to Select ProX

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Core Features

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